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Every bride deserves the luxury of a having professional on their wedding day

Your wedding day. One of the most momentous days of your entire life, how do you even begin to plan for it? I believe that while having a professional service is a must, what you really need from your hair stylist on your special day is trust. 

I believe one of the  most important parts of my job is building up a friendship, a trust, with each and every bride I meet. For you to choose me to be there on the morning of your wedding, creating the environment and prepping you for the day ahead, you have to feel 100% confident in me, on both a professional and personal level. 

Let me help make your day one to remember, for all the right reasons. I will focus on you and your bridal party entirely and tailor everything to your individual needs. Whether the look you want is vintage, classic, bohemian or avant garde, I have absolute faith we will find the right look for you.  

"Tailoring every inch"

The importance of a trial...

​"A trial to me is most important, it is the first step towards the big event. At your trial we will discuss everything about you, your plans, your theme, your colour choices, your flowers, your bridesmaids, of course your dress, your venue, your likes and dislikes and your idea's. We will look at your hair; colour, length, style, and play and practise as many different looks as you wish until we find the perfect one. We will then make a plan for you and your hair from that day until your wedding, and I will be on call for you to discuss any details, anytime."

"From the trial, we can then make a plan for the day to work out timings, we will discuss how many bridesmaids, mums, flower girls, etc and who will be where at what time. You will wake up on  the morning of your wedding with complete peace of mind that every detail of preparing your hair is taken care of and already in motion and you will have to think of nothing but what you would like to drink!"

I am also more than happy to arrange extra trials or trials for bridesmaids 


My aim, quite simply, is to make you feel absolutely beautiful...

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